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twisting_nether's Journal

Twisting Nether: An FFVII/Organization XIII RP.
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General Information:

Twisting Nether is a serious FFVII (game)/Organization XIII Crossover RPG set in the FFVII world, a mere few months after the defeat of Sephiroth, which means that the setting is POST-GAME, PRE-AC. This game is an AU from that point forward, which means that yes, it will deviate completely from Advent Children and KH/KH:CoM/KH2 and that original characters are allowed. Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz have never existed, Sephiroth is dead, there is no Geostigma, and Sora, Donald, Goofy, and all the other Disney worlds do not exist. Also, as of yet, Roxas is not part of the Organization, bringing the total member count to 12. That being said, this RP will probably be a lot darker in theme than either of the original series.

Still interested? Read on.

[ About the Game ]

Story/Plot Information:
[ Final Fantasy VII and On ]
[ The Formation of the Organization ]
[ The Organization's Goals ]

Background/World Information:
[ The Aftermath of Sephiroth ]
[ Organization Powers/Abilities ]
[ The Twisting Nether ]


There are only two.

1. Character Limits.
Up to one (1) canon FFVII character.
Up to one (1) canon Organization XIII member.
Up to one (1) completely original character.
Characters from other series, given a suitable FFVII background, are unlimited.

2. Stay IC while IC, be courteous OOC, and don't be unforgivably stupid.
Simple enough, right? Saves me writing out a huge long list. :3

Character Information:
[ Taken Characters (FFVII) ]
[ Taken Characters (Organization XIII) ]
[ Taken Characters (Original/Other Series) ]

OOC Information:
[ Contact Information ]
[ Friends Add List ]

[ Organization XIII ]
[ Original Character/Other Series ]
[ Instructions Upon Acceptance ]

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