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[ Story/Plot Information. ]

Story/Plot Information:

[ Final Fantasy VII and On ]

Three months ago, a group once known as AVALANCHE defeated Sephiroth at the Northern Crater by calling upon the power of Holy to stop Meteor. Things have calmed down a lot since then, although the entire world is still recovering from the almost-disaster; the people in Edge, once Midgar, most of all, have shown the most resilience, building another city out of the ruins of the old ShinRa capital. For now, everybody is concentrating on getting things back to normal and returning to their old lives before the world-shattering event.

As for our "heroes": Cloud, Tifa, Reeve, Barret, and Marlene live in Edge, Cid has returned to Rocket Town, Vincent to Nibelheim, Yuffie to Wutai, and Nanaki to Cosmo Canyon. And as for our "villains": Rufus has recently woken from a coma and is being tended by Tseng; Reno, Rude and Elena are off freelancing for whatever living they can make. Sephiroth, Hojo, JENOVA, and all the others are long gone.

But recently, reports of a new threat are circulating around the cities. Several persons in black robes, just like the failed Sephiroth clones seen around the towns in the past, have been observed stalking around the cities; some even claim to have had their materia stolen from their homes by these mysterious strangers. So far, there have been no reports of any actually violent acts committed by these people in black, but a nervous tension is spreading over the towns either way, disrupting the still newly-gained peace.

Who are these people? Do they have a connection to Sephiroth?

[ The Formation of the Organization ]

Once holding the title of Professor and working under Hojo, a man named Xemnas was responsible for the creation and formation of what he called the "Organization," a group of formerly unawakened Sephiroth clones. From his days in the ShinRa laboratories, Xemnas knew of all the cloning techniques that Hojo had used, and when Sephiroth finally fell, he awakened the eleven clones that had been left after Hojo's death using several... special methods.

The way he did it was this: when Sephiroth fell, the Black Materia had shattered into exactly 13 pieces--and figuring that it was gone for good, no one really paid attention to the shards--except for Xemnas. Knowing of their power, he found and retrieved the all of the pieces--and found that even in pieces, the materia gave him strange magics never before seen. With the use of the shards, he could summon objects out of thin air, and summon portals into a world he'd never known existed, a world of darkness he named the Twisting Nether.

From within the Twisting Nether, Xemnas planned and plotted to take over the Planet. But, he couldn't do it alone: even Sephiroth had failed, and that was with the Black Materia intact. What he would need was an army of some kind, an army powerful enough to take on AVALANCHE. So, create an army he did, sneaking back into the old ShinRa labs, stealing the Sephiroth clones for himself, removing their hearts and replacing them with shards of the Black Materia before letting them wake. This robbed the clones of their emotions, but gave them magical powers like those possessed by Xemnas and unlike anything that the rest of the Planet had seen before. His army had been made. Now, to convince them to serve him.

Xemnas presented himself to the newly woken 11 as another one of their own: an emotionless, soulless, confused clone--lies, of course, but how could any of them know? He explained to them that they were "creations" of the world that lay outside of this dark one of their own, discarded by the brighter world, robbed of their souls, and turned into some kind of experiment--most of them had memories of lives before the experiment, yes? The story that he spun them was that he had once been a very high-up scientist, tricked into volunteering for the experiment. He had been their rescuer and the first face they'd seen upon waking because a malfunction in his particular test tube had jarred him awake before it was time; he was only a little less confused than all of them were, but less confused enough to have some ideas as to what to do to get their souls back.

The plan was this: first, they would steal materia from all who owned it, returning them to the Lifestream; second, they would find all mako springs and reactors and shut them down; third, they would destroy whatever lived, feeding their souls into the Lifestream. Then, by gathering in the Northern Crater, all of them (and all the shards of the broken Black Materia) would repeat Sephiroth's attempt to gather life force and by successfully going through with it this time, the twelve of them could collect the energy then divide it evenly, fashioning souls directly out of the power of the Lifestream that the world outside had denied them. The others listened and agreed, not knowing that the energy required to summon another Meteor would kill them all--and of course Xemnas never told them, planning to keep all the energy for himself.

As he obviously knew the most about the process, Xemnas soon became their leader, and the Organization was now a working unit. Combining their magic, they summoned a castle within the Twisting Nether that would serve as their home and headquarters. And it's from this castle that the Organization works today.

[ The Organization's Goals ]

1. Steal every piece of materia and return it to the Lifestream.
2. Shut down all reactors/destroy all mako springs (including Mideel).
3. Kill as many living things as possible.
4. Summon Meteor.
5. Obtain souls.
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